Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Man, it hits like a freight train. (Not like chicken pox though, phew!) My son came down with it (update: my hubby got it too), but luckily it looks like my little 7 month old baby and I are avoiding it.

I’ve got some supplies that helped immensely!

(Affiliate links included in post)

1. Calamine Lotion

My son is a fan of lotion, since he’s got pretty sensitive skin to begin with, so calamine lotion was a no brainer. When we put it on him, he giggles, sure sign that this stuff really feels good!

2. Benadryl

He has also always been really good about taking any kind of “medicine” we give him. Hallelujah! I stocked up on kid’s Benadryl (update: and once my husband contracted HFM I got the regular Benadryl too)

Note: my son is 22 months, i.e. not 2 yrs old yet, and the Benadryl bottle does warn not to give it to children under 2, but we got the green light from his doctor. SO PLEASE CALL YOUR CHILD’S DOCTOR BEFORE GIVING THEM OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATION LIKE THIS! BE WISE 👍

3. Oatmeal Bath

First of all, I love Aveeno, and second, the Aveeno bath treatment was instantly calming for my son. If you know my son, that’s literally a miracle. He’s quite the energetic and active kiddo! I love him!
Aveeno carries an eczema bath treatment as well, and it is part of their Aveeno baby line.
Here’s a link to it on Amazon, if you are interested: Aveeno Baby Eczema Bath Treatment

Update: Adults can get hand foot and mouth disease too! My husband contracted it, and he couldn’t walk for several days because the sores on his feet were so bad, and his fever was much higher than my son’s. So, wash those hands, and don’t share food or drinks!
I know, the latter is a challenge, especially with toddlers!

Well wishes all! Stay healthy!

God is still good! And He is still sovereignly in charge of all things, even hand, foot, and mouth disease!
Jesus healed so many people with leprosy (at the time a common term for nearly any skin disorder or disease). He has so much compassion for our physical sufferings, remember that as you comfort your sick kids. I hope you find peace in Him, and hopefully some helpful ways of bringing comfort to your little ones!  ❤

Soli Deo Gloria!

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